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To purchase any of our products like GENET Ethylene Generators etc, please fill the contact form mentioning the desired product name, order quantity, postal address with phone no. etc and email to us. We shall call you within 24 hours of receipt.

For Service Support:

If your ethylene generator is Not working correctly, please follow our instructions on how to return Genet for service and or to request for repairs. You are advised NOT to attempt repair of GENET ethylene generator yourself or by any local electrician as they are not trained to handle such specialized equipment which will damage the ethylene generator. 

Please note that any attempt to alter or change the composition of GENET Ethylene Generator is very risky, unnecessary and will damage the parts resulting in expensive replacement and repairs. It will also render your warranty, if applicable, to be null and void.

If any of other products are not functioning properly, please send us by email the product's serial no, description of problem faced, copy of invoice and photo as attached file. We shall evaluate and inform you if any assisted troubleshooting is possible otherwise we will ask you to  send the ethylene generator by courier to us. See the how to send GENET below:

Steps to follow for returning GENET for Repairs:

  • Send Contact us FORM given on this  website or call on 011-65020845

  • Provide the serial number of Genet and explain your problem in email or phone call.

  • When shipping to us by courier, carefully pack GENET in a wooden box with bubble pack and foam protection. 

  • Insure the GENET for its invoice value and send to our address by courier with tracking service. Freight should be Pre-paid by you. Provide the necessary paper documents for transport to and from our repair center (for inter-state movement of goods under GST).


If the GENET ethylene generator requires any repair after examination by our technician, we shall provide you with a quotation for prior approval for conducting repairs. You will need to make payment before dispatch for which invoice will be provided.. If the material is received in damaged condition from the courier, we shall inform you immediately by email and provide estimate. Only after we receive your written approval and advance shall we proceed with the repairs mentioned in the estimates.

Registration as Agritech  Sales Partner:

Would you like to be a reseller of Agritech products?

Please send us an email with contact and billing information, copy of your trade certificate and brief description of your company (what is your specialization, photo of your store or showroom etc.). Our representative will contact you at the earliest to discuss possible areas of co-operation.