GENET Ethylene Generator

GENET is a portable Ethylene Generator which produces ethylene gas from specially formulated ripening liquid. It enhances the ripening process in the tissues of stored fruits like Banana, Mango, Papaya, Citrus, Tomato, etc. It is placed inside a commercial ripening room where ethylene gas produced at a slow and even pace. This process results in the uniform ripening of all climatic fruits through conversion of starch into sugar, safely. This method of ripening using ethylene is approved by the FSSAI, Govt. of India as well as regulating agencies all over the world. Its technical features are as follows:



  1. Place GENET inside the ripening room
  2. Fill the tank with the Ripening liquid GENETOL and put the cap on. Tank capacity is 1 liters. Do Not Overfill !!  
  3. Attention: Use of other liquids or concentrate will destroy the catalyst and damage the internal parts of GENET
  4. Plug GENET in the electrical connection 230V, 50 Hz and press the switch on button on the rear panel.
  5. Green LED starts to glow on the front panel, indicating that machine is now working
  6. Ethylene production starts automatically after reaching the working temperature (in about 15 - 20 minutes) and is signaled by YELLOW LED to start glowing on the front panel.
  7. Close the room for up to 24 hours to allow the stored fruits to receive ethylene gas and restart its ripening process.
  8. After first 24 hours, open the door of the ripening room and allow the captured gas inside to disperse in the atmosphere before entering the room to check the progress. You can now remove Genet to another room with raw fruit for ripening.
  9. Subsequently, the ripening room door may be opened 4-5 times every day till all fruits have ripened inside. Alternately, you can installed wall mounted ethylene sensors with controller to measure and monitor gas concentration in the room.

Ripening Process:

For Bananas, international experts recommend that ripening rooms should remain closed for the first 24 hours. During this period, ethylene production starts in all the fruits kept in the controlled atmosphere. After this initial period, the room should be aired by either opening the door for 15-20 minutes or by using ventilation fans connected to XT Gas Controller to remove CO2 gas and to allow intake of fresh air. You can now move your portable GENET ethylene generator to the next room for ripening. After Day 4, you can start removing ripened bananas from the rooms for sale in local markets or to supermarkets.  

Since ripening of Bananas takes 4-5 days, ripening rooms are constructed in sets of 4-5 rooms and its multiples. A single unit of GENET Ethylene Generator can be used across all 4 ripening rooms, alternately. For multiple ripening rooms, you can buy more number of GENET ethylene generator. Both GENET & GENETOL are readily available with Agritech or our authorized dealers.

Advantages of GENET Ethylene Generator Over Ripening Gas Cylinders / Canisters:

  • Low rate of gas introduction - releasing ethylene shots from cylinder is a flawed method of releasing gas
  • No laborious handling of bulky gas cylinders.
  • No risk of leakage of gas due to malfunctioning of valves
  • Generation of gas limited to the amount of ripening liquid in the tank hence no risk of explosion.
  • No need for releasing ethylene-nitrogen mixed gases - hazardous in confined spaces like ripening rooms etc.
  • No guess work in terms of number of dosage to be given.
  • Gas cylinders use and handling by customers governed by guidelines of Gas Cylinder Act, Govt. of India

Internationally, there have been reported instances of explosion of gas cylinders in ripening which resulted in loss of human life and property. These have been reported in the media and one can read about them on the internet.

Advantages of GENET Ethylene Generator Over Ethylene Cans:

* Unreliable

* Misleading claims

* Lack of Consistency

* Unregulated