Fully Automatic Ripening System

A-ART is a control computer used for managing the ripening process of bananas and other tropical fruits. It integrates with the Ripening software and other equipment in controlling the ripening process.

The ripening process is controlled by the temperature course (both cooling and heating), ethylene introduction and ventilation of the ripening room. Setting up the ripening program, which is installed on the A-ART unit, is possible with any computer with operating system Windows XP or later version. The producer offers an industrial panel-mounted PC with IP65 protection and touch screen.

A-ART unit connects to a computer with a RS485 – USB cable. Upto 20 A-ART can be connected into the process computer and software for monitoring and controlling the ripening process. Bananas need to be ripened and eaten fresh - not cooked as a recipe.



The ART software is installed on the central PC and allows to controls the whole process of banana ripening.

The original software from Aseko allows connection of A-ART control unit to any PC with OS Win XP and later. The software grants full real-time control over the ripening process. Choose length of the process and the final temperature and the software will offer the best course. This allows the ripening plant owner greater control and value. The following are screenshots of the controls available to the customers within the ART software.

ART software