GENETOL Ripening Liquid

Recommended for use in GENET ethylene generator. Genetol is an international product and the best ripening liquid available in India. Therefore, no surprise that GENETOL is an automatic first choice of customers ripening fruits in India.

Genetol Ripening Liquid has been formulated especially for use in GENET Ethylene Generator. Key features where it scores over other 'liquids':

* Superior results 

* Unmatched Quality

* Vivid color achieved

* Uniform ripening across different fruits

* Low consumption in every ripening cycle

* No Residue on the Fruit 

Easy to distinguish light pink color, Genetol gives out a faint sweet odor. Genetol can be used to ripen a variety of fruits such as Banana, Mango, Citrus, kiwifruit, pear, papaya, peach, plum, nectarine and tomato.

Genetol is readily available in 5 liter jar which is convenient for customers having large number of ripening rooms to supply ethylene from just one jar. Genetol is approved ripening liquid for use in GENET Ethylene Generator. 

We advise our customers not to use any other ripening liquid or concentrate as it will damage the internal parts and result in expensive repairs.  Claims made by some marketeers of unknown ripening concentrates that their product works well with our ethylene generators is incorrect and false. They have nothing to lose when the ethylene generator gets damage from use of such spurious liquid as they are only interested in making their sales.

There are some other products available in the market which is either ethephon or small bottles with label stating "For Laboratory use only" or some liquid packed in unmarked bottles.  Use of such unknown products are likely to leave harmful residue on the fruits making them unsafe for human consumption and should be avoided. 

Another product Calcium Carbonate (also known as 'masala') is often used by traders to ripen mango and papaya. This is a dangerous and toxic product as its use on fruits causes cancer and is Banned by regulation issued by FSSAI, Government of India. Over the last decade, Agritech has been educating people to refrain from such ripening methods and urging them to switch to ripening fruits safely using Ethylene gas delivered through GENET ethylene generators only.