Your Ripening Business Starts Here..with Genet Ethylene Generators

GENET Ethylene Generator is the most popular make of Ethylene Generators in India for the past 10 years. 

It is used inside commercial ripening rooms and cold storages where it continuously produces small amounts of controlled ethylene gas and starts  of the ripening cycle. Genetol ripening liquid is poured into the storage tank of Genet. It gets converted into ethylene gas through a catalytic process. This method of ripening is accepted as safe and efficient by governments and customers all over the world. In India, it adheres to NHB's Technical Standards on Fruit Ripening.

Ethylene Gas Sensor is a wall mounted unit used for measuring the concentration of ethylene gas inside each ripening room. Once the desired level is achieved, it raises an alarm to controller for ventilating the ripening room. Each Ethylene Gas sensor has an inbuilt LED display panel. You can connect to an external display or integrated with central ripening system.

CO2 Gas Detector is an Infra Red Sensor with inbuilt LED display. It is used to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide gas produced during the ripening cycle in each room. It is provided for wall mounted installation.

If you are interested in modern fruit ripening business, there is no better product available other than Agritech's portable ethylene generators and gas sensors. Contact us for more details.