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Ethylene is a plant growth hormone produced by all plants in nature. It affects the growth, development, ripening, and aging of all plants. It is normally produced in small quantities by most fruits and vegetables. However, some fruits produce large quantities of ethylene. These fruits respond with uniform ripening when exposed to an external source of ethylene.

Agritech provides the following products for optimizing your ripening process and helping you to grow your business:

GENET Ethylene Generators are used inside commercial ripening rooms and cold storages where the generator continuously produces small amounts of controlled ethylene gas during the starting phase of the ripening cycle. Genetol ripening liquid is poured into the storage tank of Genet and converted into ethylene gas through a catalytic process. This method of ripening is accepted as safe and efficient by customers and the government all over the world including India.

Genetol Ripening Liquid is formulated for use in Ethylene Generators placed inside commercial ripening rooms for uniform ripening of fruits such as Banana, Mango, Papaya, Citrus, Tomato etc. Due to its high purity, it is preferred by millions of people.

Ethylene Gas Sensor is used to measure the concentration of ethylene gas inside each ripening room. Each sensor has a LED display on which the ethylene levels can be seen. You can connect our ethylene sensor to a XT controller which is placed outside each ripening room or to ART software to monitor ethylene levels without opening the ripening room.

CO2 Gas Sensor is an Infra Red Sensor with LED display on its front panel. It is used to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide gas produced during the ripening cycle in each room. It can be periodically removed by opening the ripening room door or connect to our XT Controller and ventilation fan to automate the process. Please note that by automation we mean that exhaust & fresh air fans will operate according to CO2 parameters set and not by any Timer device. 

Gas Controllers are used to connect 2 Gas sensors to provide measurement of gases outside each ripening rooms. It also provides for connection to ventilation fans for exhaust of CO2 gas and alarm. For Ripening Room, you can connect ethylene gas sensor and CO2 gas sensor to this controller.

Automatic Ripening Technology (ART) - Here, the ripening process and instruments installed are controlled via a specialized software program. This program can be connected to a maximum of 20 ripening rooms simultaneously and allows users to alter/delay the ripening process. It can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or a laptop using the internet. Simple and easy to understand, you do not need to know any 'recipes'. Options available for set of 4 rooms or more, as required.

Allied Instruments: These are beneficial to customers to measure fruit temperature and humidity level in each ripening room while it is being ripened. These include pulp thermometers, humidifiers etc. 

If you are planning to setup new ripening rooms or wish to Switch from Mixed Gas cylinder to using Genet, please contact us.