Ethylene Absorber Machines

Ethylene Absorber Machines

We provide the best solution for sanitizing air and removing ethylene, VOCs, fungi etc in fresh produce storage chambers (for fruits, vegetables and ornamental). Not only removal of ethylene and airborne pathogens, these machines also reduces shrink and provides extended life to the stored produce.

To suitable different room volumes, we offer 3 models of our Ethyl Clean machines.  These range from small, medium to large rooms. The equipment is easy to install and offers excellent results across various fruits and vegetables. They come equipped with control panel which distinguishes from other products in the market.

Why buy our Ethylene Absorbers?

When compared to other technologies available in the market, we have some highly motivating reasons:

 Advantages vs Ozone Based Absorbing System:

  • Very high filtration efficiency
  • Controls Ripening
  • Controls odor and cross-contamination
  • Maintains Fruit Pressure
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Greater operational flexibility and efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No use of Ozone plates 
  • No Risk of Ozone damage to Machinery
  • Safe, user-friendly and cost-effective
  • Robust body structure
  • Highly affordable

These machines can be customized and optimized to support remote access. Speak to our experts to find out more about the product's specifications and value added options available.