Reefer Filters

Reefer Filters are currently being used for transport of fruits like Banana, Mango, Apples, Citrus etc by exporters and importers.

Reefer filters are the ideal solution for ethylene absorption, VOCs and spores removal during transport of fresh produce in refrigerated containers over land or sea. These filters remove ethylene gas from packed boxes of Bananas, flowers etc shipped by reefer trucks and containers. As air passes through the filter, it oxidizes the ethylene gas and extends their storage life. The media is made of clay and oxidizing agents acting as 2 stage filters.

Our filters offer highest absorption capacity of Ethylene on the market with proven efficiency in high humidity conditions. These filters are compatible with ecological and organic agriculture. They are made for single use and, once consumed, disposed according to current regulations in each country.  

Which Reefer filter to use will depend on type of fruit or vegetable to be shipped, their maturity stage, temperature and transit time. These filters are offered in 3 sizes depending upon their usage - 100cm, 75 cm and 50 cm (see photo below). Speak to our air filtration experts to find out more about our products and how they can work for your needs.