Ethylene Sachets

The super-absorbent Ethylene sachets are the optimal solution for sanitizing air, eliminating ethylene and VOCs in the following areas:

  • Modified atmosphere packaging

  • Low air circulation settings

  • Air filtration inside domestic refrigerators

  • Continuous protection against ethylene and other air pollutants throughout the long distribution chain (upto retailers’ warehouses).

Our Ethylene sachets are made from Tyvek, a high quality material suitable for contact with food products, which allows gaseous interchanges, and at the same time provides a high level of resistance to water. These properties are inherent to Tyvek, delivering maximum safety through the sachet whilst at the same time offering a superior level of filtration efficiency.

Although there are many brands of ethylene sachets, their ability of absorb ethylene varies drastically. As a result, people suggest use of 2 or more sachets per packaging to offset this difference in absorption capacities.

Ethylene Sachets are offered in standard sizes of 3gm, 5gm, 8gm. Customized sizes available for bulk orders.