Ethylene Absorb Sachet

Agritech's ethylene sachets are the perfect solution for keeping perishable fresh for a longer period by removing ethylene and other contaminants (VOCs, fungal spores, bacteria) present in the transport and storage of fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. These contaminants are responsible for the deterioration of the quality of fresh produce. Our sachet are made of Tyvek paper, manufactured by Du Pont, which is approved by US FDA for use with fresh produce. This special paper allows superior gaseous filteration but provides high level of resistance to moisture. As a results, customers wanting to protect their perishable products from source through to their final destination during the whole distribution chain, can find proven solutions from Agritech. 

There are sachets in the market which have low ethylene absorption properties due to which customers get uneven results. To offset their shortcomings, they suggest use of 3 or 4 sachets per box of fruit unlike our high absorbing product which uses less per box. Popular fruits where these are used include Mango, Papaya, Banana etc.