Ethylene Screens (for walk-in cold rooms)

Our Ethylene Screen consists of a metallic filter screen with tubular filter filaments. The Ethylene screen is ideal for applications where good air flow is already there and more removal media is needed. It is designed to allow for easy replacement of filters once they are saturated. 

The screen can be hung near the air evaporator inlet or outlet with the lateral holes incorporated in the screen. Screen are available in 2 sizes. Common application areas are: Cold storage chambers with centrally installed evaporators; Storage sites where an electrical installation cannot be made; Ship cargo holds, etc.

Advantages of using Ethylene Screens:

  • Keep atmosphere free of microorganisms and ethylene
  • Delay chlorophyll loss
  • Commonly used in sea and road reefer containers 
  • Low maintenance (do not require any specialized staff)
  • Reduce general rotting and dehydration
  • Enhance fruit firmness
  • Does not affect the physiology of fruits and vegetables
  • Absorbs and removes ethylene 
  • Better air quality 
  • Less waste 
  • Longer shelf-life 
  • Reduce costs