Track and Trace Devices

Temperature data loggers are used to monitor and register temperature values reliably. Data loggers are the only means of proving that temperature-sensitive products have, at any time, been subjected to variations of temperature due to which product quality has suffered during transport or storage. For this reason, calibrated data loggers is required for transport of pharmaceutical and perishables.

Agritech offers you a selection of professional quality products for the inexpensive temperature monitoring of transport and warehouses. A host of optional features can also be provided in additional to temperature monitoring depending upon customer requirements like humidity, shock, light sensor etc. 

The areas of application for a temperature data logger are diverse – they are used for vaccine shipment, shipment of samples for clinical studies, worldwide distribution of pharmaceutical products, shipment of refrigeration-mandatory foods for web-shops, temperature labelling of temperature-controlled warehouses, temperature measurement and documentation of laboratory refrigerators, as well as in the qualification of cold chain packaging. 

There are different types of temperature data loggers for different areas of application.

For worldwide shipping, the use of Single Use data loggers are recommended. The receiver can read out the temperature values via the USB port on their computer, can save them in a file and transmit them to the sender by email. Alternately, they can receive data via Bluetooth or NFC on their smartphone and upload to the Cloud from where the shipper/exporter can access the information. Returnable data loggers are used predominantly for stationary temperature measurement in refrigerated warehouses or laboratory refrigerators, but also for courier transport where the driver is responsible for the temperature data logger and also returns it. Real time track and trace devices can also be provided for movement of temperature sensitive products across the supply chain.

The data read out from a temperature logger is processed using suitable software and presented in graphic or tabular form. There are convenient cloud-based solutions where the data is archived and is accessible from anywhere via a secure Internet connection.  

Some of the most common areas where they are used:

* Food Shops

* Logistics and Transport

* Agriculture

* Data Centers

* Pharmacies

* Hospitals

* Hotels

* and many others.