Temperature Recorders

For monitoring the temperature during the complete supply chain, including exports of fresh Produce to ensure an optimal conservation Environment.  We offer 2 types of temperature recorders - Mechanical Type  and USB Type.

Mechanical Recorder is a disposable product. It generates a ribbon of paper on which the temperature recordings are shown permanently of temperature sensitive fruits during their storage or transportation. At destination of transport or storage period,  the receiver simply removes the paper from the recorder and checks history of temperature during storage or transport. Simple but low cost product. 

USB Temperature Recorder used for recording of temperatures during a single trip. It generates a comprehensive PDF report when it is connected to a laptop or computer. Since it comes pre-programmed,  you can set recording intervals, press the "START" button and it is ready to use. They are offered in 30, 60, 90 day module. Readings can be shared by the receiver with the sender over email or through cloud. Multiple use Temperature recorders are also available where they can be reused several times before their validity or recording capacity expires.

The Plug & Play recorder is the best solution for the food industry where it is necessary to monitor the temperature during the entire supply chain of fresh produce to ensure an optimal conservation environment, avoiding the risk of loss of quality of perishable produce. For more specific applications, Real time devices monitoring temperature and humidity are used. Applications include fruits, pharmaceuticals, sea food, dairy, other foods etc.