Humidifiers for Traditional Cold Storage

Agritech designs and provides customized solutions for humidity and perishable control systems for its customers. Every application needs a different solution and we can provide the best product for your needs.

Accurate humidity control is the key to maintaining quality fresh produce in cold storage. All cold storage systems remove water vapor from the air inside. The dry air increases transpiration and water loss from the stored product, resulting in lost weight and lost value. 

For potatoes, we provide one of the best solutions. Potatoes stored without added humidity can lose over 15% of their weight over six months. Since the product is sold by weight, this means a sizable loss for cold storage operators and customers. Since humidification of vegetables is vital for its freshness and overall appearance, it is important to know which produce needs it or otherwise as they can be harmed by too much moisture. 

Product which benefit from humidification include Cabbage, Broccoli, carrots, Greens, herbs, lettuce, kale, greens, Radish, Spinach, Sprouts, cauliflower, Peas, Banana, Potatoes, etc.

Why install anything else which stops working for you?