Perishable Supply Chain

"You can extend the shelf life & reduce post harvest losses of Perishable with state-of-the-art Control products from Agritech"

Agritech designs and supplies ethylene control products and humidifiers ranging from Ethylene Absorbers, Ethylene Filters, Ethylene sachets, Ethylene Screens etc to USB Thermographs. Use of our products during post harvest handling of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers during storage and transportation can prolong their storage life.

Ethylene is a naturally occurring substance that brings fruits / vegetables to ripeness – for example, bananas naturally give off ethylene which can cause other nearby fruits to ripen. Microbial contamination, including fungal spores, also occurs naturally in the environment and can increase the rate of product deterioration. 

Agritech is working with the food industry to identify ways and products that can help in reducing wastage of fresh fruit and vegetables through the whole supply chain. From the packhouse, through distribution depots and retail outlets, to domestic households (for vegetables stored in the refrigerator), Agritech offer solutions for every step of the chain to realise the benefits of avoiding waste.

We evaluate the impact of present levels of ethylene gas and fungal spores on fresh fruit and vegetables, as they make their way through the supply chain. Our products measures these gas levels, assesses their impact on produce deterioration, and signals where the potential for improvement may lie through the introduction of technology, or where further investigation may be beneficial.