Cold Dip Tank

Cold Dip Tank:

Cold deep TankPressurized water jets push the fruit gently towards the elevator and may be regulated through a valve to achieve a steady flow of fruit.

Fruit is transported from the Cold Dip Tank on an elevating PVC roller conveyor while turning the fruit for inspection. The variable speed roller conveyor allows the flow of fruit to proceed at a compatible pace to other machines on the fruit processing line. The Cold Dip Tank includes an overflow to water reservoir with a built in filter to eliminate sticks, leaves and further unnecessary rubbish. Water - chemical solutions are maintained at a premium with an agitator preventing the chemical settling.

Mango Desapping Unit

Mango Desapping UnitFruit must be hand fed onto the roller conveyor.

Overhead spray nozzles to cleanse sap from fruit.

Desap time of 15-20 minutes. Full length drip

tray provided for collection of sap and water.

Longer duration of de-sapping can be customized.

Compatible height adjustable legs.

Available in 4m, 6m and 8m lengths.
Optional - 240 volt or 415 volt.
Optional - variable speed drive.
Optional - mango wash injection pump.

Approximate Trays per Day:

4.0mtr x 1.0mtr = approx. 450 trays per day
6.0mtr x 1.0mtr = approx. 700 trays per day
6.0mtr x 1.5mtr = approx 1000 trays per day
8.2mtr x 2.0mtr = approx 1800 trays per day