Colour Grading Machine

Our team of very experienced designers has paid extra attention to further minimize the transition of fruit and thus keeping your products in the excellent state they were harvested. The extra wide singulator brushes and cups limit the risk of damage to larger fruits. Our Cup sorting machine is the last result of several decades of study towards most gentle handling of a large variety of round and elongated fruits and vegetables. This fruit sorting line sets a new standard for damage free and gentle handling for even sensitive fruits like apples and pears. 

All our electronic-optical sorting machines are equipped with sorting software. This software has a proven track record worldwide as the leading software in this field. A team of specialists is constantly developing high-standard, easy-to-use modules and modifications which guarantee a constant high standard of measuring results and reliability. The specially designed cups can be replaced without any tools in just seconds, and special attention has been addressed to an excellent accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.