Vegetable & Drum Seeder

Our offered range comprises Manual Seeder, Hand Seeder, Automatic Seeder, Vermiculite Dispenser and Complete Seeding Line. All Commercially available sizes of propagation trays (plastic, thermocol etc) with different plug holes (70, 98, 102, 150 etc) can be used across all the models. Speed of seeding varies from basic to advanced models.

Hand Seeder:

State-of-the-art technology allows growers to accurately sow seeds of all shapes and sizes. A vacuum is drawn through an array of interchangeable syringe needles to pick up the seeds. The seeder is now available in the Standard and wide body models. Wide body model can seed the tray width wise and the Standard model can seed the tray length wise.

 Hand SeederAll standard trays can be used and changing from one tray to another is a simple procedure. Double, triple and quadruple needles can be used to sow multiple seeds per cell (optional).


  • Sow seeds of all shapes and sizes (From Petunia to Watermelon).
  • Seeds up to one row/sec. ( with any plug tray.)
  • Eight sets of needle sizes are included with each machine.
  • Quickly And Easily Change Seed Types And Trays.
  • A vacuum collects seed in a removable glass jar for quick and easy change-over of seed varieties
  • Air Compressor optional.

Semi-Automatic Seeder

A vacuum is applied to an array of interchangeable needles to accurately pickup and deposit seed in each individual cell. Seeding directly into punnets or plug trays singly or in multiples may be achieved by replacing single needles with multiple needles (up to 4 per cell). This model combines low cost price with high productivity.

Excess seed is collected via a vacuum tube and deposited in a removable jar, allowing quick and easy change-over of seed varieties.

A35 Seed-Air-MaticA height adjustable seeding head caters for both plug trays and bedding plant flats. Below are the various advantages of Agritech Seeding machines:-

  • Quickly - and easily change seed types, tray configuration and different size needles.
  • Seeds - up to one row/sec with any plug tray.
  • Onboard - dibbler designed to advance the tray while at the same time dibbling.
  • High Pressure - push button needle cleaning.
  • Durable - all aluminium construction.
  • Accurate - singulation even with difficult seed.
  • Sow - seeds of all shapes and sizes (incl. Petunia,Marigold & Pepper).
  • Optional - compressor to operate machine.

Automatic Seeder:

This model allows rectangular plug trays to to be seeded, providing high volume precision seeding to the grower. An on-board top dresser may be regulated to deliver a light or heavy covering of either vermiculite or dry plug mix as required. Using the tested and proven needle seeding head makes this machine a must for all production nurseries. An optional watering bar is also available which gives the grower the ability to accurately inject controlled doses into each cell at various stages of seeding. 

100 EM SeederThe different sizes of seed suction needles allows seed of all shapes and sizes to be sown Seeding directly into flats or plug trays singly or in multiples can be carried out simply by replacing single needles with multiple needles. 

Utilising our revolutionary needle system, it allows the sowing of even the most difficult seeds. 


  • Easy to adjust onboard dibbler allows accurate placement of seed.
  • The most precise costeffective and easy-to-use seeder available to growers.
  • Quickly and easily changeseed types and trays.
  • Durable all aluminium construction.
  • Programmable Logic Controller automatically adjusts cell spacing and allows sowing of up to 9 seeds per cell.
  • Optional compressor to operate machine.

DRUM SEEDER: Introducing the leading drum seeder for professional vegetable, floriculture and plant nurseries. Our Drum Seeder demonstrates its value in mechanics, technology and productivity. Years of experience in the nursery field has been incorporated into this machine to create a high precision drum seeder machine with equally high production levels. 

Key features include:
  • Revolutionary new seed singulation system that eliminates multiple seed pickups
  • Aluminum seeding drum with stainless steel inserts
  • Continuous drum cleaning system to eliminate blocked holes
  • Easy to use control panels to accurately set seeding requirements
  • Production Speed: 1200 trays per hour
  • Height: 150 cm, Width: 95 cm

Note: These are NOT Tray manufacturing machines.