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automatic plug proper

Automatic Plug Popper:

Trays are automatically fed by conveyor belt into plug popper system. A sensor see the 
incoming tray and stops it over the plug popper pins. Each cell in the complete tray
is popped by a pneumatic air cylinder while vertical hold down plates keep tray in position. 
The tray is then driven out onto a gravity roller or a belt conveyor

Trimming Conveyor:

Trimming Conveyor

Do you spend time hand pruning cuttings or seedlings to the same height before transplanting? This machine will do it quickly and easily. The height adjustable cutting blades make for easy height setting. Variable speed drive conveyor belt feeds the trays into the cutting blade. High volume air blower removes cutting from tray.

Complete Seeding line:

comprising of soil mixer, sold transfer, tray filler, seeder, and watering tunnel.