Soil & Compost Mixers

Soil & Compost Mixers

  • Soil Mixers – For Fast and thorough mixing of soils, peat, animal feeds, etc

" Assures thorough mixing of materials and fertilisers. "

Our unique mixing spiral is designed to bring all materials to the centre of the machine and assures thorough mixing of all materials and fertilisers.

Four Spirals are fitted into the mixer bowl, two left hand and two right hand.

The outer Spirals bring the soil to the centre and the inner Spirals bring the soil to the outside.
Once the mixer is half empty the innerspiral stops agitating and the outer spiral empties the entire contents.

Optional Extra :
For abrasive materials a 5mm liner can be placed inside the bowl for easy replacement, and the mixing spiral can behard faced.
  • Able to mix any kind of potting mix in 5 - 10minutes.
  • Mixer Bowl made from 3mm steel plate.
  • Overload protection.
  • Thorough mixing.
  • Centrally mounted sliding mixer door controls soil flow out of mixer.

  • Please note all plans & specifications may change without further notice.