With the introduction of new pickup heads and new electric servo drive, the TP2000 is more accurate, gentle on plugs, faster and smoother than ever before.

TransplaterPlug trays are automatically fed into the TP2000 Transplanter. Once the plug tray is in position the unique needle head lowers to hold the tray in place while at the same time gently pushing foliage to one side, thus minimizing seedling damage.

The Transplanter's onboard Plug Popper ensures seedlings are cleanly dislodged from their cell before being picked up by the pickup needles and replanted into pre-dibbled trays/punnets. 

The TP2000 Transplanter is designed to be compatible with all KW Automation machines on a fully automated transplanting line.

  • Gentle - pickup and Transplanting of your seedlings.
  • Catering- for most styles and sizes of plug trays.
  • Easily - operated with user friendly control screen.
  • Durable - aluminium construction.
  • Speedy - change-over to new tray/punnet styles.
  • Accurate - conveyors give accurate plug placement.