Propagation Tray Fillers

Propagation Tray Fillers

Pot & Bag Filler

Designed for large-scale commercial pot filling. Very durable construction adjustable for different pot sizes with soil return facility. We can also provide Pot & Bag Filling Machine With Storage Hopper

Technical Specifications:
1.5 Cubic Metre Soil Storage Hopper with sliding door to adjust soil flow.
Tough long wearing 2 ply PVC belt situated underneath the hopper.
Height adjustable table under belt for different size pots or bags.
Adjustable soil flow for different size pots & bags.
Power supply 240 or 415V.
Foot pedal operated.
0.56kw geared electric motor drive.
Brake clutch system for longer life.

Please note all plans & specifications may change without further notice.

Tray Filler

Tray Fillers are attached to soil storage hoppers where the prepared soil accumulates after coming from Soil Mixer

  • Capacity - spray pressure minimizes soil mix washout fromeach cell/pot.

  • Electrical water injection intoindividual tray cells if required(optional).

  • Choice all aluminium construction.

  • Compression configurations withseparate fertilising and fungicidespraying possible (optional)..

  • Quality Warranty and aftersales support.

  • Electric Eye controlled soil box.

  • Height adjustable 30 degree brush unit.
  • Durable P.V.C. belt for conveyor.

  • Automatic soil return for excess soil.

  • Height adjustable legs.

  • OPTIONAL Tray Dispenser. Soil Compaction system ideal for tubes, deep cell trays and pots.

  • Please note all plans & specifications may change without further notice