Tray & Crate Washer

Introducing innovative tray & crate washing machine. In our experience, the polystyrene trays used in horticulture are by far the hardest trays to wash and clean. However, it is not a problem for our tray and crate washing machines. Our machines can be used for variety of other applications also like food trays, automative crates, etc.

These machines are suitable for washing and rinsing of crates, trays and boxes in a wide range of sectors. Due to its smart and compact design, it is suitable to wash upto 250 products per hour. Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel, it has a removable hatch which can be removed for thorough cleaning.  If you need to wash more number of trays and crates, we can offer our industrial heavy duty models also.

To reduce operating cost and to minimize water-power consumption, the washing water is collected, filtered and reused. Multiple emergency stops and lock in the main hatch are some of the inbuilt safety features provided.

The basic machine weighs 500 kg. It can be customized to meet any specific needs of customers and our team will be happy to advise you accordingly. For industrial scale models, we need more information from you in order to provide the best suited product. We would like to hear from you so please call or email us.