Other Products & Services:

From its inception, Agritech has aimed to design and provide efficient and innovative products in the agribusiness domain. Considerable knowledge was acquired during the initial years but we also learnt that what good is knowledge if it does not translate into affordable products to the target buyers.

Agritech supplies a wide range of products and services especially designed for use in the assessment of fresh fruit and extended storage without loss of quality. Our products are selected by customers for their high standard of manufacture, performance, reliability and affordability. A partial list of products is shown in the index for your information. Other products offered include CA equipments, Quality control devices, bio gas analyzers for landfills, portable gas meters etc.

Agritech continues to roll out new products and services and observed the great interest generated in customers and competitors. Agritech is proud to see that many trade people are compelled to follow our initiatives.

Leading with affordable, features packed, reliable and easy to use products is exactly the position Agritech wants and works hard to be.