Fruit Pressure Testers

Fruit Pressure Testers

Fruit Pressure Meter:

The instrument provides an accurate guide to determining the right period for fruit harvesting & monitors maturation progress during cold storage (pulp softening).

Index unit: kg or lb. Supplied in a hard box with 2 rods (5/16" and 7/16"), splash plate and knife (all items are made of stainless steel)

Digital Fruit Hardness Tester / Penetrometer:

The Penetrometer of fruit (also called fruit hardness tester) is applied to test the hardness of apples, pears, strawberries and grapes. It is applied during the harvest sto- rage, the product transportation and the pro- cessing of fruits. The instrument is supplied with two probes (11.1 and 7.9 mm diameter) and has a resolution of 0.01 kg/cm2.

The measurement range is 0.5 - 20 kg/cm2, depending on the probe used. He pressing depth is 10 mm. The instrument is operated with 4x1.5 AAA batteries (included). Delivered in a plastic carrying case.