Professional Testers for Soil, Moisture etc

Professional Testers for Soil, Moisture etc

Combined Soil Tester - Simple, inexpensive test device for the control of pH, moisture, and light. Measure whether your plants have enough water and light, and if the ground is suitable for the par- ticular plant. The tester is suitable for plant pots up to 35 cm in height. The tester is plugged into the soil and reacts immediately. Works without batteries or electricity! 

For evaluation tables are included. Ideal for resale in garden centers, flower shops, hydro stores, etc. 

Hay Moisture Meter - Professional moisture meter to determine moisture and temperature of pressed hay or straw by inserting a measuring probe. Application: Practical agriculture, hay, straw, commercial and consulting purposes, animal farming. 

Features : Stable measurements probe 50 cm long, 13 mm wide, easy to read LCD display with switchable illumination, self-test function. Can be calibrated with the supplied calibration, power by 9V battery. Resolution: 0.1%. Scope of delivery: Meter, batteries, user manual.

Other Meters offered include Grain & Maize Moisture Meter, Wood chips, Material, etc.

Penetrometer : This penetrometer is a simple, easy-to-use management tool that can help to increase yields and decrease costs. It is designed for an exact determination of soil density. 

In compressed soil, the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant is only possible to a limited extent. A further consequence is the reduced air exchange in the soil and a reduction of N mineralisation. Compacted soil also results in poor root and plant development. Because of the density, the roots cannot grow and loose their ability of transporting water and nutrients. That can reduce yields by up to 50%. This simple, robust penetrometer measures the penetration resistance of soils. It is pressed vertically into the ground through even pressure on both handles. The penetration resistance appears on an analog display in psi on an easy-to-read color display. 

Agriculture and horticulture, care of sports grounds and golf courses,
soil examinations, simple experts’ reports
Concerning foundations (determining load-bearing capacity) Stainless steel probe with: 
markings for soil depth
Meas. range 0 - 500 PSI