Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Controlled Atmosphere facilities store fresh fruits, vegetables and food products in rooms that have tightly controlled conditions.The temperature, humidity, and background gas of controlled atmosphere rooms may all be maintained at conditions that do not naturally occur in ambient environment. This slows down the final ripening process of fruit that is physiologically mature but not completely ripe. 

CA storage equipment offered allows you to maintain premium product quality by regulating oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and nitrogen gases at pre-determined levels (gas levels will vary according to the type of fruit being stored). These equipments include Nitrogen generators, oxygen analyzers, PLC Control systems, CO2 scrubbers, Ethylene scrubber, Humidifiers, etc. In short, these equipments can be summed into:

  • Integrated Control Systems
  • Ethylene Absorbers
  • CO2 Absorbers
  • Inert Gas Exchange.

Depending upon the requirement of the facility, we can provide a simple portable on the spot checking analyzer, or an automated multi-point system across multiple cold storage rooms.

ACA is based on an effective, simple and low energy controlled atmosphere system which is efficient in design and operation as well as cost effective. Markets across the country can use ACA for curtailing post harvest losses of fresh produce.

With the careful control and management of the amount of oxygen and CO2 inside a cold storage or a reefer van, perishable produce can be kept fresh over a longer period of time and supplied to retailer/wholesalers/supermarkets in pristine state. This extended window provided by ACA works for all fruits and vegetables with high respiration rates including Apples and presents a unique opportunity.

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